Pressing play

So, it appears that I’m having some sort of quarter life crisis (fairly common I hear)…    at 27 years old I have just spent an entire year of my life studying to be a primary school teacher only to decide at the end of it that it really isn’t want to do with my life (I passed successfully, so it wasn’t that I promise) and so I find myself once again at a cross roads which could be quite terrifying (am I the only one who thought I’d have my sh*t together at 27?!) but instead I actually feel liberated and excited.

For those of you who have studied for a teaching qualification you will know the extent of the destruction which the course brings, for those of you who don’t let me explain that it is a socially and emotionally crippling 9 months – sleep deprivation, stress and binge drinking are some common features. Add some serious life doubts and you can imagine that I haven’t been in the best frame of mind – but fast forward to the end of the course, one teary conversation with my Mum after she had only asked me how I was (the poor women had only called to ask me to bring balloons to my niece’s birthday party) and the final decision that I wasn’t on the right path, and suddenly I feel like I have never been happier. It seems like I’ve had my life on pause and I’m pressing play again (in my head its on a tape deck which makes me feel old)

This new sense of happiness and freedom is something which I feel I want to hang on to.. so I’m embarking on an experience, an adventure (I wanted to call it a quest but boyfriend says this sounds too much like there should be dragons) to discover more about happiness. Much as I’d love to run away and live in an ashram in India to discover myself and my true inner peace, real life must continue (did I mention that I’m 27) so its going to be a modern take on fulfillment. I live in London – one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world – yet I haven’t explored 1/10 of it (mainly due to the aforementioned social death) This is my opportunity to go out and see what’s out there, try out some new things, meet some new people and hopefully stumble into some personal fulfillment.

I want to not only explore some outrageous things that I’ve never done before but also learn to appreciate the smaller pleasures in life.

Initial questions I’m posing to myself are: what do philosophers and theorists state make us happy? what do other cultures value for happiness? Do you need a guru for spiritual fulfillment? Are there certain foods which can really boost your mood? and finally, can I play volleyball after years of fear at team sports?! I know money can’t buy you happiness but there are some things that are just too pretty not to bring joy into your life – surely this is an acceptable statement for the modern girl’s path to fulfillment?!

I’m splitting this into three sections – the mind, the body and the soul. I’d love to hear when you are most happy and any suggestions of things I should do or places I should go.

I’m taking me and my pink banana shoes to an exhibition this weekend. I think that art is definitely good for soul…or is that only if you like what you see? hhm.

More soon.


Pink Banana Shoes

7 thoughts on “Pressing play

  1. Great initiative!! Can’t wait to hear about it all. If I can make a suggestion, I always thought it was fun to walk from one side of london to the other, following the path of a metro line, and having a drink, or coffee etc at different places along the way, and seeing how it changes. Or perhaps, a part of the tube, like Jubiliee, victoria etc etc. Take care xj

  2. PBS – This is one of the best blog names I’ve seen. But I can’t find the reason for your selection. I’m very curious.

    Thank you for following my blog. I’m relatively new to blogging as well, but has been so much fun and experience broadening — a bit like traveling. I hope you enjoy your adventure as well….

    • Thanks! The pinkbananashoes name came from a total lack of inspiration about names relating to happiness.. and then one day I found these pink shoes covered in bananas (see the front pic) that were in the sale and in my size. They made me smile so much that the name just came to me when I was signing up. Not so profound but memorable I hope 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and keep in touch! Peace xx

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