Spray Painted Emotions

So with the Olympic committee getting tough on graffiti in the upcoming Games here in London, I thought I’d share with you one of my favourite street artists… who isn’t Banksy. (much as I think he’s amazing)

Although I understand what the Olympic committee is trying to do, I have some concerns. Keeping the streets clean is one thing but by clamping down on ‘graffiti’ without any sort of parameters to define what is vandalism (no one wants to see some ego manic with a spray can write his name 10 foot high) versus what is art – it stops genuine artists from creating works which add something to the city, and it restricts public expression.

AliCè aka Alice Pasquini is an Italian visual artist based in Rome, who depicts romantic beautifully illustrated images not usually associated with street art. She focuses on people, relationships and emotion.

“I create art about people and their relationships…
I especially like to depict strong and independent women”

She says she prefers to paint on walls rather than a traditional canvas because the meaning and the value of the art comes in a much freer, surprising and unexpected when viewed on a street than in a gallery.  She uses spray paint and acrylics to create her pieces.  Her work is strikingly beautiful, understated and inspirational.

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Check out this video of Alice at work…

The idea that anyone could class this as vandalism is totally absurd. Who wants to live in a sanitised world anyway.

I’d like to hear what you think on the matter? Send me a message or comment.

Enjoy the Games London, but just be careful where you put that marker pen.

More soon.




For more information about Alice go to her website here

New link on London artist arrests here

 *All images from Alice Pasquini.


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