10 quick tips to get happier this week:

Unfortunately last week I didn’t made it to any new happiness experiences – mental time at work. Boo. And after a big Saturday night my brain feels quite frazzled today. In fact, I would say that productivity is at an all time low at my desk office today. So to help get through the week I’ve found 10 easy tips to get some warm fuzzy feelings going and ease the pain of the 5 more days till the next weekend…Enjoy!

  1. Be curious. Inquisitive people are more get happiness from every day things according to a study published in Motivation and Emotion. But YouTube won’t quite cut it. The key is to engage in activities outside your comfort zone, says Todd Kashdan, professor of psychology at George Mason University — especially those that require skill. “That’s when you get so absorbed that you’re completely engaged in the moment, which creates very positive energy.”  (Rock climbing here we come! Though perhaps not today with this hangover…)
  2. Think fast. Depression is characterized by slow thinking so making your brain ‘race’ could give you a mood boost. In a study published in Psychological Science, when subjects read statements quickly, they felt happier, more energetic, and more creative afterward! Even when the content was depressing, reading it quickly was still found to make you feel happier.  (Good news for reading the paper on the way home then!)
  3. Speak up. Even if you’re naturally shy, acting extroverted will have a positive impact on your mood according to a study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.
  4. Talk to strangers Forget ‘Danger Stranger’ – interacting with someone you don’t know is a sure fire pick me up because we are naturally programmed to act cheerful around a new person to make a good first impression, and when we act cheerful, we begin to feel that way say Scientists. In another study, participants were told that in three minutes they would be talking with a stranger — and that anticipation alone boosted people’s moods. Pretty cool.
  5. Do a good thing “If you want to be happy, practice compassion,” preaches the Dalai Lama — sure, that’s easy to say when you’re a yogi. But a university study actually found that even small gestures as small as buying someone dinner can enhance your mood. Participants were asked to carry out five “acts of kindness” every week for six weeks. At the end, the ones who performed all five acts in one day showed significant increases in happiness. As I found out last week, giving away ends up giving you back all sorts of goodness.
  6. Ditch the downers. Get rid any people that bring you down. Some people, for example colleagues, you’re unfortunately stuck with – but you can adjust the other people in your life. I once heard someone use the phrase ‘people radiators’ to describe anyone who gives you a warm feeling. Make sure you are surrounded by people who make you happy – and get rid of any ‘fun sponges’ who want to suck the life out of you.
  7. Sweat it out. Not only is exercise good for your body but experts say there are a host of other benefits too including the unleashing of the feel-good building blocks serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain. Which make you feel happier and less stressed!
  8. Breathe deeply. When we’re stressed we tend to breathe more shallowly in our chests. By focusing on breathing deeply – from your belly, you’ll replenish the oxygen in your brain and feel more relaxed. Yoga has the additional benefit of increasing levels of GABA (a neurotransmitter associated with happy, calm feelings) and lowering levels of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress. Go on, unleash your inner-zen.
  9. Eat some fat (and fatty fish if poss) Studies have shown that a diet with less than 25 percent of its total calories from fat can raise anxiety, frustration, and anger, says Susan Kleiner, a sports-nutrition consultant in Mercer Island, Washington. The best mood enhancers are monounsaturated fats (like avocado, olive oil, and nuts) Most people are deficient in fish oils but it’s been found that omega-3s (found in cold water oily fish) can have a greater positive effect on mood than prescription antidepressants (wow!)  according to an independent analysis of studies that were conducted by the American Psychiatric Association. Try to eat oily fish three times a week, and take a fish-oil supplement to reap the biggest benefit.
  10. Listen to music. “Music can affect the pleasure center of the brain, the same area activated when you have an orgasm,” (!!!!!!) says neuroscientist Daniel Levitin, a professor of psychology at McGill University. And the positive effect can last even after the music is over.

Perhaps the most genius bit of info I have discovered since writing this blog.

Off to another ActionforHappiness lecture this Thursday to get some more brain boosting advice, after this weekend I reckon I could use it.

More soon.

Have a good week lovely people and let me know if you get up to anything interesting. It’s always awesome to hear your feedback.






7 thoughts on “10 quick tips to get happier this week:

  1. Hello there in an active search for happiness (I am too! :))! Very helpful tips, I am trying to ‘integrate’ all of these into my life (and yeh, I eat fish oil supplements and I love salmon ;)). What has worked me recently is especially related to the first point, being curious and creative and finding a little ‘niche’ of the world when you lose yourself and forget yourself in a total amazement and happiness. I have discovered the world of photography and now wordpress and all the world of blogging and combining visual with ideas here, and it’s been so revealing that I struggle sleeping and focusing on my day job now ;))) I have to say that I extremely struggle with the point six, getting rid of people who drag you down… so difficult. I am surrounded by so many people who just won’t stop complaining about their job, life outside the job, who are lost and not knowing where to push their life and how to move forward towards a bit of self-satisfaction and maybe happiness, yet they refuse to be proactive and change their situation… I tend to think that complaining is a way of life for some, but I despise it so much… And then you find the controversy between the point 5 and 6; you would love to ‘help’ those people, inspire them, or at least cheer them up, be compassionate with them, however, you end up down with them instead as nothing seemed to work on them… A difficult topic, especially when you find those downers among your close ones and you realise there is nothing you can do to ‘help’ them unless they really want to change their situation themselves….

    Just discovered your blog, will keep reading, thank you!!! :))))

    • Thanks for your comment Petalight.
      I agree, getting rid of negative people is very difficult and I hate listening to those who only complain about their lives without making any sort of changes. very annoying! I definitely believe that some people just love to complain and you shouldn’t waste your breathe trying to change them. I’ve found that only surrounding myself with positive people who bring me happiness has made a massive difference.
      Good luck in your quest, I’ve found so much since starting this blog.
      Keep in touch.
      Peace x

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