Suffering from too much fun? Put down the Prozac and eat some of these..

Finally summer has come to London! Getting out into the sunshine makes all the difference to your state of mind we all know that, somehow the world looks so much shinier, people are friendlier and somehow its appropriate to find a beer garden regardless what day it is. How were you enjoying the sunshine this weekend? I had a brilliant time catching up with friends, heading out to a free music festival and generally drinking a few too many cheeky vimtos.. which left me feeling a bit meloncholy on Sunday night. (Alcohol is a known depressant ggr) So I decided to see if there were any food which could help counter the affects of too much fun… Image

1. Bananas – they’re high in vitamin B6, essential for the creation of serotonin and dopamine. Stress depletes vitamin B6, and low levels of this can potentially lead to depression

Now, there are all sorts of things which people say you can do with banana skins – most relate to (unsuccessful) teenage kicks in my experience (just me and my friends?!) , but research also says that if you boil up some banana skins for 15 mins and drink the water once cooled the result is supposed to be a banana-y-camomile tea which packs a serotonin punch… now, in the name of research I tried this and I can tell you that if you boil a banana skins, it tastes just like… boiled banana skins. But if this floats your boat then you’ll no doubt be bouncing off the ceiling of happiness.

2. Popcorn – Although we’re now all trained that carbs are bad, there is proof that once eaten carbs release serotonin into the brain. But instead of reaching for that packet of crisps its better to have a bag of popcorn because they’re low in fat and high in carbs. They’re also more quickly digested into the stomach so perfect if you need a ‘happy high’ quickly.

3. Dark leafy greens (Ma was right, you should always eat your greens) – lettuce may be the dieters food of choice but its got little to recommend it nutritionally, however rocket, spinach and watercress are all high in magnesium which is responsible for relaxing muscles and helping the body cope with stress!! Pick up a crayfish and rocket sandwich for lunch and you may be literally laughing, as crayfish is packed with selenium which helps ward off depression. (I’ll never look at that Pret sandwich in the same way)

4.Eggs – not only packed with protein but they also give a contain the de-stressing amino acid taurine, which inhibits adrenaline in the body and helps your body eliminate the stress hormone cortisol. The result = the feeling that nothing can affect you.

5. Coffee –  WOO! Its official ladies and gentlemen, coffee is not bad for your health. (Break in writing while she goes to boil the kettle for the third cup of the day)  Research from the Innsbruck Medical University, Austria, used scans to confirm that caffeine stimulates the part of your brain governing short-term memory and attention. (Although if caffeine makes you feel ill then please don’t force that latte down yourself on my account.)

So, there you go.. eat yourself happier. What do you think? Do you have any other suggestions?

I’d love to hear your feedback on this or any of my older posts.

Enjoy the sunshine!

More soon.