Imagine a movie which includes every day of your life…

So I’ve been really really lazy on the blog front this year.

January has been and gone, and now it’s almost the end of February and I find that I still haven’t got round to writing anything. I promise to rectify this from now.

Where has the time gone?

Not only do weeks seem to fly but I realised that last month I’d been living in London for two years. Two years which has flown by in a blink!

Recently, I’ve been having loads of conversations with my friends now (gasp) 30 is approaching at a rather hideous rate, where did the last decade go?

I was thinking about this when I watched a video on TED by a guy called Cesar Kuriyama watch it here – who has decided to film one second every day to create one long documentary of his life.

”If I live to 80, I will have a five-hour video that summarizes 50 years of my life,” he says to applause. “At 40, I’ll have a one-hour video of my 30s.”


As I was watching this I just thought, how awesome. Just imagine being able to put on a movie in your old age and remember every day from your whole life..

There are so many tiny, beautiful, funny, tragic moments in your life, but its impossible to remember them all. I personally can barely remember what I did last weekend unless someone prompts me.

Watching the film as an outsider is on the one hand, little more than an interesting montage of randomness but at the same time its also an endearing insight into this persons life.. Birthdays, trips, drinking sessions, quiet moments, food. The most moving part of Kuriyama’s film so far is taken when his sister in law is taken seriously ill in hospital. This quiet footage of a family, hoping and waiting, is perhaps a time which you would think you wouldn’t want to remember but the artist says that by filming each day it helped to process and dealt with what was happening.

Kuriyama says that although there are days when narrowing your choice down to one moment is difficult – in the process of choosing, it makes the other moments connect with that second.

Now I’m no documentary film maker. I don’t even know how to begin editing a movie. But the end result is such an intriguing concept that it makes me want to give it a go, something which Kuriyama encourages more people to do – creating a global montage of lifetimes.


What I like about this idea is that it makes you view your life slightly differently, as the audience. And it makes you want to step out of the mundane in order to create a more interesting second.

When I was talking to someone about this they suggested that this was building a fake experience because you wouldn’t have done it without the need to film it. But I think that anything which makes you leave of the daily grind and forces you to have a new experience… Surely that can only be a good thing!?

And so what if you get flu and are in bed for two weeks, isn’t that representative of how life is? The ecstasy and the ordinary pretty much in equal quantities.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not a documentary you’re going to want to invite your mates over to watch with some beers and a bowl of popcorn. But what an awesome project to have for yourself.

It’d be like the ultimate 21st Century memory box.


If I think about how much my life is going to change even in five years it’s pretty extreme. I’m suddenly getting to the age where my friends are getting married settling down. It pains me to say it but eventually my party days will be numbered (or at least dramatically lessened) why not capture the transition?

And so. I’m going to try it.So far I have done 4 days, and it’s not been easy

to remember to capture the moment. But I’m liking the process and I’m sure that it will become more habitual as time goes on. It definitely makes me want to try and live each day in the most interesting way I can.

So, what do you think? A interesting way to capture your memories or perhaps a tedious waste of time?

Go check out the video yourself and tell me what you reckon. I found that it divides people.



For Cesar Kuriyama’s website click here


Let’s start with a bang.. and a trip to A&E.

Well Happy New Year!

Probably too late to say that but I was only just unfurling from my festive cocoon of loveliness which I created with red wine, too many chocolates and Christmas movies under the duvet – when I had an incident with my foot and a door frame resulting in a bang, crash, whallop and a bit of breakage – so I’ve been forced to keep a low profile for a while until I’m mended.

Good news though, the world didn’t end! (I wish I’d been a fly on the wall of those nutters who had hoarded all that food into their basements. awkward.)

So now comes the timely month of setting resolutions…

Let’s be honest, at this time of year who doesn’t want to be a little bit fitter and a little bit less…squishy. But I’m going to try and make my resolutions things I’d like to do more of, not less. And let’s get one thing straight, I can’t give up booze for January, the month is depressing enough as it is without adding to the gloom by banning G&Ts!

I turned 28 last week (another reason for not giving up cake or alcohol in January) one more year past the time I really should have got my sh*t together…in all seriousness though, I’m pretty happy with how far I’ve come in my pink-banana-shoes.
The year 2012 saw me learn…. how to blog! (kinda) how to meditate (in theory anyway), participate in laughter yoga (what a hoot) dance in a drum circle (awesome) go to several lectures (informative) swing dance (more to come)  bake (occasionally).. And let’s not forget the tribal gathering!! (um…no words) And in the process I’ve met a whole community of people just trying to make a little price of happiness for themselves (even if it is in a bonkers way.)
And if someone asked me the question – Are you happier? Then I think I could say yes.
So where do I go from here? …well, I’m excited about 2013 –  I feel that last year I took the giant leap changing my life. (For those just joining us, read this) and now I just need to get the details right. Easy!? Although if anyone knows how I can get paid to be an adventurer then let me know… doesn’t anyone need anything exploring anymore?!.. (and Space doesn’t count. You’re not going to get me in a Spaceship thanks  Mr. Brandson. I’m veto-ing anywhere that is void of oxygen.)
And so unless there’s an urgent call for (Earth bound) explorers I’ve just got to stick it out here. And so I’m still determined to put myself out there when it comes to more weird and wonderful stuff about London town. I’m still planning on researching positive thinking, maybe find a yogi, maybe take up extreme knitting!… Who knows. This city still has a host of adventures I’m going to embark upon. As always, suggestions are most welcome. (Although I still refuse to go and see the women who – ‘channels the spirit of Benjamin’ Seriously, I get almost weekly invites. And the answer will always be no.)

Oh, big news – I’m going to become a hula hooping sensation. (Thanks boyfriend for the amazing birthday presImageent ever)  Seriously, the best way to release your inner-child since climbing trees. 

well, if hula hooping fame doesn’t come off then I guess there are always other forms of exercise. I dragged my sorry bum to the gym the weekend before ‘door- frame gate’ (it was the first time since …the beginning of Dec, ok, the last time was in November but come on, no sane person wants to hit the treadmill in Dec over a glass of mulled wine do they!?)

Anyway, I almost vomited all over my toned-tough-talking instructor as I did my 17,000th lunge. So, like virtually every other person I know, I’d like to kick my bum into some sort of peachier shape. Off to a lecture next week.. I  should say hobbling to a lecture on one gammy leg… led by two (probably sick makingly fit, gorgeous and smug) female personal trainers. I’ll bring back some tips.  

Even if I’m not going to be an Olympian maybe I can learn some spatial awareness. Damn you door frame. Image

Tell me what your new year resolutions are, or are you against them?
More soon.






P.S Thanks to Evoling Yogi for the blog award nomination – I’ll get round to writing about it soon. xx

Tis the season to be jolly…

Hello lovely ladies and gents,

It’s been a over a week since I last posted but I have a valid excuse.. the festive season is upon us and I’ve been out and about so much that days have just flown by!

So what have I been up to? Well, the last pinkbananashoes adventure of 2012 was hula hooping, and let me tell you – it. was. awesome! I officially have a new girl crush on my professional fire hooping teacher (I don’t remember this being an option at my career talk!?) I went along to the class one cold and dark Monday with my friend Elaine. We sprinted through a very dodgy looking estate in Vauxhall (very pleased I wasn’t by myself)  to find about 30 assorted people of all different levels hooping away in a school dance hall. Any shame faced guilt at being late was pushed aside by the lovely Anna who gave us a hoop each and sent us off to find a space (we passed on the middle to find a couple at the back. The great thing about the class was how informal it was, we had enough one to one attention to ask questions but in general we were shown a ‘move?’ and then left to practice. Turns out that there’s no one way to wiggle and, ok so I couldn’t spin it round my neck (yet!) but by the end of the class I was pretty certain that my career in the circus was still possible – and if nothing else, I DEFINITELY want to be able to rock a hoop as my party piece. This is one happiness activity I’d totally go back to.

And so it’s only 13 days till Christmas!

I was thinking about writing a piece about how to stay healthy over the silly season, but as I did my research about ‘the top 10 tips to make sure you don’t overindulge’ I just rolled my eyes. Why? Because, I LOVE Christmas. I love Christmas so much that it’s almost embarrassing. I start getting excited from the 1st December when shops start to trickle in the first Christmas tune to subliminally make you part with your cash early. Shamefully, I literally squeak with joy the first time I see the coca-cola advert. Holidays are coming… eek! I know that’s it’s over-commerialised and in times recession perhaps I should be as gloomy as the economic forecasting, but I just can’t be. For me, it makes the crappness of winter worthwhile.

Ok, so I admit it. I’m not a Christian and for me Christmas is about fun, food, family and friends and not the birth of baby Jesus (sorry if that upsets anyone and if it does you should probably stop reading as this post doesn’t get any deeper.) 

Anyway, for me to give me top tips for a healthy Christmas would be very hypocritical – although in a vague attempt to keep in line with all my hard work here, I’ll try to stick to my five a day and try to stop at only a handful of chocolates instead of a box. (I’ve already got ‘gym guilt’ but I’m pushing that to the bad of my mind till January when I’m very aware that I’ll be another statistic of people dragging their slighter bigger bums through the door.) 

So in tribute to my ridiculous love of the season, here are my top 10 favourite things about Christmas. This is probably not an exhaustive list and not necessarily in the right order but counting down… 

10. Christmas Sandwiches – Exceptionally delicious yet totally unacceptable to eat outside of December. Me and my siblings always manage one at about 10pm on Christmas day, fighting over the good bits of what’s left of Christmas dinner. In fact I should add general Christmas gluttony to this point – Mince pies, Christmas cake, mulled wine. mmm.

9. Christmas songs – Miriah, Bing, Wham. Oh man, I love them all. Michael Buble croons away often in my flat over December much to boyfriends gritted teeth. he panda’s to my ridiculous Christmas love.

8. Ice skating – my friends will tell you that I hate the snow (bah humbug honestly) I can’t stand the white stuff, i hate the cold and it’s just a pain the the arse. But I love Christmas Ice skating – this year we went to Somerset house. Awesome. The one time of year I wish I was Canadian… or just good at ice skating.

7. General festive cheer – everyone gets a bit nicer including cabbies, tube staff, shop keepers – all cheerier! (Bus drivers remain stubbornly joyless. fact.)

6. Acceptable alcoholism – Monday night drinking – Why not! it’s Christmas!

5. Decorating the tree – it’s always bee one of my favourite things to do. Mull up some wine and get on the Christmas tunes. Except this year when me and boyfriend accidentally bought a tree about 1/3 bigger than last year and spent about an hour moving our furniture around trying to fit it in. Me in hysterics and lovely boyf trying to solve the issue. Our living room is now a shrine to the massive tree.

4. Christmas lights – making even the crappiest parts of London look lovely.

3. Christmas sparkle – oh glitter how tacky you are for 11 months of the year. Come December, bring it on!

2. Christmas movies/Christmas TV Specials –  Miracle of 34th Street, Elf, White Christmas, Friends. A little bit of magic which just feels wrong at any other time of year. 

1. Presents!… ha. only joking. No. 1 is my friends and family. Especially as I now have a nephew and niece (and one more on the way!) Christmas is especially magic again. And I think that this time of year, religious or not, makes you appreciate the people in your life. So for all the parties and the inevitable hang overs. This is what I enjoy most.

So there you have it, a rather self-indulgent and frivolous last post for 2012.  I hope you have a great time – eat, drink (in moderation.. or at least give your liver a break by drinking enough water) and be merry! It’s been a really great experience starting to write this blog and I thank all of you who have reached out and let me know that you enjoy my ramblings. This is my last post till the New Year (providing that the Mayan’s aren’t right and we’re all about to expire.)