Bloomin’ marvellous – a simple step to happiness

I know, I know – I’m late again for my Monday mantra! But the bank holiday threw me off! Did you all have a nice one?

Now normally I aim to push myself each week on this personal journey of mine but, I confess, I still feel slightly worse for wear after a fun but messy Sunday festival dancing in the sunshine – and as we’re half way through the week anyway I thought I would find something which was simple and achievable – less deep reflection, more instant gratification. (Because let’s be honest, there are times when you just need to give yourself a break.) So this week’s mantra is as simply as buying a bunch of flowers. Not for anyone else – for yourself.

 Buy yourself some blooms.

This may seem like a cop out – but reader, trust me. Research for the US has shown that flowers can make a huge positive impact on your wellbeing! The study showed that:

1. flowers have an immediate positive effect on happiness. Participants in the study displayed genuine excitement, delight and gratitude upon receiving a bunch of flowers.

2. flowers have a long-term positive effect on mood. Feelings less depressed, anxious or agitated, and a higher sense of enjoyment and life satisfaction after receiving flowers.

3. the presence of flowers lead to increased contact with friends and family. (Seems quite bonkers but apparently true!)

4. The sight of flowers upon entering a room positively impacts to all who enter the room – creating a positive space.

So you see, sometimes the little things in life can make a giant impact!

I always knew I should be a flower child, now I have the perfect excuse.

Let me know how you’re all doing!

More soon.




To read more about the study in brief click here

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