How I accidently stumbled into a cult… The (not so) Secret, Law of Attraction

When I began this adventure I wanted to learn how to capture happiness and sustain it through all aspects of my life. I didn’t really know how to do this but I stumbled across an article which mentioned a book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne (Now there’s probably a wholImagee host of you who already know about this book – Oprah loves it, Chicken Soup for the Soul creator Jack Canfield says he was deeply in debt before finding The Secret and now his books are multimillion best sellers. Anyway, at the time I didn’t have a clue.)

The ‘Secret’ itself isn’t really much of a secret with 19 million copies being sold, translated into 44 languages and a movie! But here it is – The Law of Attraction. That is to say ‘like attracts like’ so if you put out positivity then you’ll only receive positive things back. The principle states that we create our own circumstances by the choices we make in life. In fact, the book claims that you can ask the Universe for anything and if you believe it wholeheartedly then you’ll get it. (Think big, one dollar is as easy for the Universe to manifest as one million dollars – thems big words Rhonda.)

Sceptically I continued reading.

After finishing the book I have to say that there are elements which I definitely cannot go along with – for example I don’t believe that people are victims through their own negative thoughts – cancer? murder? war? Hardly down to an Eeyore attitude.

But I am beginning to believe that a positive attitude can be powerful. Even the medical professionals use ‘cognitive behavioural therapy’ to adapt people’s thoughts to create more positive mindsets.

Still dubious but in the name of positive research I put all my efforts into The Secret’s principals of ‘act – believe – receive.’ In particular I asked to find the perfect job – and sure enough 6 weeks later I’ve got it! (Well I have a job and in the currently job market that’s pretty perfect)

Other spooky stuff started to happen too – I had a meeting set up for me with an important women in my field and after 30 minutes we had moved on from work small talk and as I chatted about my life she stopped me and said ‘I know this might sounds strange, but I have a feeling you’re like me.. have you read The Secret?’ I couldn’t believe it – having never heard of this book it seemed to be bringing positive things into my life. Turns out this lady swears by it and she is at the top of her game.

The more I look into this ‘law of attraction’ stuff the more I discover that thousands of people are living their lives by it! It’s like a cult!!

I’m still making up my mind on this philosophy. One thing which is important is that you have to act to make changes.. you won’t change your life by sitting on the sofa visualising your perfect life. I have a gripe with people using the ‘law of attraction’ to focus to getting more material possessions…(I guess I shouldn’t judge but that doesn’t motivate me personally) and I hate it when positive concepts are high jacked by corporate big wigs. (sorry another gripe!)

I’m also wary of putting all my faith in the ‘Universe’ (And if the Universe is listening does it really care whether I want my bum to be a size smaller!?)

I guess, this week I’m going to make my mantra (tentatively) ‘ask’ and ‘believe’ … in the hope that I will ‘receive.’ I think even just visualisng what I want my life to be like will be a positive step into realising the steps I need to make to get there…

and even if The Secret is a placebo, (we all know how powerful that can be) if it takes people towards personal happiness, I ask – ‘Is there any harm in that?’  

Joining the cult – sure, why not.

More soon.




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